Our Therapists

Fabia Santos
Cris Mellatto
Liliana Rodrigues
Roberta Nascimento
Luciana Schiavinato
Cris Caldogno
Sophie Mcintosh
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    About Us

    We are a group of post and pre-op recovery specialists and trained lymphatic drainage practitioners with years of experience in pre and post-operative care.

    We aim to bring the best patient care to UK clients with our treatments. Our team of therapists and health professionals are committed to before and aftercare for all cosmetic surgery procedures.

    Cosmetic procedures have been on the rise in the UK over the past ten years. Our main objective is to reduce complication rates while maintaining and maximising the results. 

    Some of our professionals have strong Brazilian background in working and developing different methods for Lymphatic Drainage Massage. And as Brazil is renowned for cosmetic surgeries, Healing Shapers brings the latest practices in surgery care and delivers outstanding results.

    Our Values

    1. Innovation:
      With all the benefits LDM can bring, news is travelling fast. More surgeons are recommending pre and post-surgery aftercare. Healing Shapers implements a modern approach to Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatments that combine principles of hydrodynamics, physiology, and anatomy. In addition, our therapists are constantly learning additional skills to manage specific pre and post-op issues.
    2. Commitment:
      We remain committed to our evident passion for patient care. We pride ourselves on providing confident, safe, and holistic treatments to pre-op and post-op patients. In addition, our personalised care packages allow us to consistently support our clients throughout their healing journey, from the first consultation right through to the entire body balance.
    3. Professionalism:
      It’s highly worthwhile to choose the correct aftercare to assist in your recovery and achieve the most satisfactory results. Lymphatic Drainage Massage specialists require intense and certified training and a complete understanding of surgery’s effect on your body.  Our practices are 100% safe, and you can feel confident that you are our priority. We implement quality improvement methods and continue to promote a high standard of training amongst our professionals.
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    Why Choose Us?


    Healing Shapers will support your recovery from the inside out. We will guide your mind and body back to balance through our holistic and therapeutic approach. As a result, you will be able to celebrate the new you and feel yourself again, faster.

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    Fully certified

    Our therapists are fully insured, and certified in Level 3 Holistic Massage, NVQ 3 or post-operative Godoy & Godoy Method. We are committed to ongoing training and development, ensuring your healing process is as safe, confident, and stimulating as possible.

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    Experts in pre and post-operative care

    Our combination of training, passion for what we do, and knowledge of what the body needs to heal means we are the right people to help you recover faster and more comfortably.  With Healing Shapers, you can enhance your results and get back to everyday life sooner.